Sri Racha

Sri Racha lies between Pattaya and Chonburi and because of its proximity to the 7 highway it is a dormitory town for Thai's and a base for many of the foreigners who work in the Eatern Seaboard Industrial Estates. Sri Racha is also, of course, famous as the original place of manufacture of Sri Racha sauce.

The town is centered around Night Square , which is bounded on one side by the large Robinson's Superstore and to the east by the entry to the fishing port and the small island of Koh Loy. Koh Loy is joined by road causeway to the mainland.

Between Sri Racha and Chonburi is the Bangsaen area which sports a well developed sea-side are which is very popular with Thai weekenders or day trippers from Bangkok.

One of the most neglected by tourists island off the Thai coast is easily reached from Sri Racha by ferry, that is Koh Sichang. Other local attractions include the Sri Racha Tiger zoo.