Best Villas in Chonburi

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Pattaya team

Homes incorporating the best features of the East and West are being built in ever-increasing numbers in Pattaya. Looking for a Western-style house? It's here! Thai-Bali style? Sure. How about Tropical Modern? The choices are varied and endless.

Although the shoreline is dominated by condominium developments there is no shortage of top quality housing villages in Pattaya ready to welcome those who prefer having their own front door.Most of these developments lie to the east of the main Sukhumvit Road - the 'Dark Side' as people affectionately call it - though no plausible reason for the nickname is readily forthcoming.As with condos ... prices for villas in the area are diverse. The governing factors are quality of the build and materials plus the size and price of the land they are built on.It's impossible to generalise about villa prices based on the factors above.Most housing projects have a communal pool and some have a clubhouse and on-site shops. A lot of plot sizes allow for your own pool to be added and virtually every new development regards incorporating a car port in the design as a must. The climate is so good enclosed garages are deemed unnecessary.If you can't find a house style to suit your taste, don't give up, it's here in Pattaya!