Best Family Fun in Pattaya

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Pattaya team

In this category we will include all attractions in the area that we feel will hold the interest of families; from the smallest kids to the more aged. To ensure that your trips to these places are enjoyable, please first study the prevailing weather.

Always remember to wear cool clothing and hats are a sensible addition to your holiday wardrobe, particularly if you are very fair skinned. You can get sun-burned even on cloudy and rainy days, so always bring plenty of high factor sunscreen.If you are going to be on or in the water please realise that the surface acts as a mirror so the danger of over heating is increased. Some of the attractions reccomended here are quite vast; so please take your time and take frequent re-hydration stops.There really are some beautiful sights to see here like the Million Stone park; also pure silly fun like Pattaya park.A great day guaranteed for all!