Mueang Chonburi is the capital district of Chonburi Province. Chonburi town has been settled since the Ayuddaya Period.Chonburi has long been a popular seaside town on Thailand's East Coast. It is well known as an agricultural centre whose crops include sugar cane, cassava, and rubber. In recent years it has been developed as an industrial centre under the Eastern Seaboard development project where a significant number of factories have been built.


Chonburi is very much an administrative centre and is a slow paced traditionally Thai town. It springs to life every October with the Chonburi Buffalo Races, which entices visits from both internal and external tourists. In November each year the Town puts on a tradfitional Loi Kratong Ceromony which is much different to those that you can witness in Pattaya. This even also features a local and very charming beauty pageant for young ladies.

Other notable attractions in the Chonburi region  include the 130 Year Market at , Ang Sila, and the fantastic Chinese Temple at Viharn Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chaloem and the wonderful zoo at Khao Kheo.